Pilot-Talk – Sustainable Acoustics: New Trends in Measuring Technology – Mercedes-Benz Group AG x 4Silence x Seven Bel

Tech Focus "In-Car Sensors"

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Dr. Johannes Weiss – INNOVAT!ONS@VN Mercedes-Benz Group AG // Stéphanie Anthoine – Teamleader Noise Isolation & NVH Innovation Mercedes-Benz Group AG // Thomas Rittenschober – General Manager Seven Bel // Mirco Efkemann – Business Development Engineer 4Silence // Tim Solle Analyst Plug and Play Germany GmbH (Moderator)

Project Teaser

This session is associated with a pilot project that has been developed throughout our most recent STARTUP AUTOBAHN program. The comprehensive overview of this collaboration can be found below.

Mercedes-Benz and 4Silence worked on identifying and measuring noise leakages in driving vehicles

To reduce noises inside a vehicle, it is essential to identify the most dominant transfer path from sound sources outside the cabin to the passenger’s ears inside the cabin. While driving, this is difficult to accomplish, due to the large number of reflections in the car. Using 4Silence’s new technology, as implemented in the Sonocat measurement device, Mercedes-Benz and 4Silence could quickly localize noise leaks, as the Sonocat is able to differentiate between the source and its reflection. The experimental facilities and experts of Mercedes-Benz enabled 4Silence to increase their experience in the automotive industry. 

Project Teasers can be accessed on the respective program startup profiles with which our STARTUP AUTOBAHN partners teamed up with.
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Mercedes-Benz and Seven Bel work on evaluating sound imaging technology

In order to verify the acoustic tightness of a car cabin fast and reliably, Mercedes-Benz has teamed up with Austrian high-tech startup Seven Bel to evaluate sound imaging technology. The team is working on determining its potential use in both product development and quality control. The next step will be to deploy the measurement system in verification testing of prototypes. 

Project Teasers can be accessed on the respective program startup profiles with which our STARTUP AUTOBAHN partners teamed up with.
For this POC the following startup has been involved:

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